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Professional Pet Nail Trimmer

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Nails that are too long can cause your dog‰۪ feet to get out of alignment and interrupt the flow of energy, cause discomfort, affect his health, and cause a variety of problems. Just like anything in nature, the canine body is made up of electromagnetic particles that need to be in harmony for your dog to be healthy and happy. Thus, proper nail care is essential for your dog‰۪s comfort and even his health.


Trimming your pet‰۪s nails can be very tedious and even painful This is especially true when you can‰۪t see what you‰۪re doing very well. That is why experts and veterinarians have worked together to develop a painless nail trimmer for pets and best of all it includes an LED light bulb so you can keep an eye on what you‰۪re doing all the time. Introducing NailyBit Pets Nail Trimmer.

NailyBit ensures that you can cut your pet‰۪s nails without risking injury or discomfort to your pet. The super bright LED light means you can see exactly where you need to cut. It also has a nail trapper so you don‰۪t have to clean up nails trimmings off the floor and off your clothes. The sharp blade is also very durable.


  • 5x magnification mirror so you can see things up close and reduce the risk of cutting too deep Non-slip grip for easy handling
  • Nail Length guide along the nail receptacle to again reduce the risk of cutting too much off.
  • Ultra-sharp blade will stay sharp for years.
  • Power:1 pc button battery (not included)

1 x NailyBit - Pets Nail Trimmer

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