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Blood Pressure Monitor + Infrared Ear Thermometer - Health Pack

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There are two things you always need to manage at home or if you work in the health industry. First of them Blood Pressure and second its temperature. Thats why we made this Bundle Pack which is actually on Sale at almost 60% OFF its retail price.

Bundle Pack Includes:

Digital Sphygmomanometer and Digital Tonometer

Certification: CE

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Features:

1. Small delicate design
2. Clear LCD digital display
3. It can store 99 groups of measuring results of two people and display the average reading of measurement results of the latest three times
4.  Automatic compression and decompression
5.   Voice broadcast function
6. Blood pressure classification function provides convenience for users to judge whether their blood pressure value is normal or not
7.   2 display units: KPa, MmHg
8.  The product will automatically go into sleep mode in 1 minute after measurement

Thermometer Measuring Steps

Step 1: Inset the battery, press the Start button, all symbols appear on the display, 1 second later it appears the temperature measured last time, the sign ‘M’ appears at the same time.

Step 2: The sign “M” disappear, forehead/ear indicator appear, it meas the place you measured last time, then the temperature unit flickering, now is the measuring interface.

Step 3: Direct the probe to measuring area Shown (in Figure 3.1.1 and 3.1.2), press the “measuring” button till a “Beep” sound from the speaker. Measuring program starts. Keeping device in position for one second after two “Beep” sounds, the temperature value will show on screen along with the model symbol.

Step 4: During next 6 seconds when test result lasting on the screen, user can no longer make a measurement until a sound of “Beep” aural reminder and a “” symbol twinkling on the screen.  

Step 5: No operation in 60 seconds, the device will record the last measuring data and shut down automatically

Method to Measuring Ear Temperature

    Take off the forehead temperature cover. With the subject’s head upright, take hold of the outer part of the ear, gently pull back and upward to straighten the ear canal, put the probe to ear canal slowly till the body of device stay completely close to ear canal.

Just Pick your favorite color and get one for you and your loved ones.

Monitor may vary color upon availability** 


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